10,000 Cards for Moms

What is 10,000 Cards for Moms?

10,000 Cards for Moms is an initiative to give away a completely free product to a group that really deserves it: Moms! Our aim is simple. We want to give away 10,000 custom printed and shipped postcards for absolutely free (no hidden fees, no shipping, and no credit card required). We want these to arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

When is 10,000 Cards for Moms?

10,000 Cards for Moms will be promoted on May 3rd-4th (the Sunday and Monday before Mother’s Day). We will print and ship the cards that Tuesday and Wednesday (May 5th-6th). The postcards will ship USPS first class which is a 1-3 delivery time and gets our cards in hand before May 17th.

What do I have to do to be involved?

You are being asked to be a sponsor. We need sponsors that will help make the production and shipping cost possible. See the bottom of the page for a link to our sign up page. Additionally, you can always contact us directly at hello@snailapic.com

Wait a second, what’s in it for my brand?

This promotion is an incredible opportunity to reach a new audience and promote your brand while earning good will. We will be directly attributing sponsored cards to their sponsor. Every step of the customers journey, we include branding customized by you. The customer will be very aware who is providing them this free postcard.

That’s not all! We want you to get as much out of this as possible. On our product ordering page, you can choose to have an email opt-in to your newsletter before adding the postcard to checkout. Each of the customers that orders a postcard, sponsored by you, will choose to receive further emails from you.

Every step of the customers journey, we include branding customized by you.

Finally, we will also include your logo and branding throughout the process. We will update the postcard product page to showcase your brand, logo, and website. Our order confirmation email, will include a header with our thanks to you as the sponsor and include a custom message from you. Again you can choose to customize this with branding, logo, coupons, and redirects. AND, we add a short message to the back of the postcard, customized by you. You can give the recipient of the postcard a coupon, or just say thanks!

How much does it cost?

Our sponsorship is simple. You ONLY pay for the users that see and order your sponsored postcard (with your branding, your email opt-in, and your message on the postcard). You will get multiple impressions, provide a FREE product, and have customers opt-in to your email list. These are customers that just sent something meaningful to a Mom in their life. We can’t imagine a better target audience for you to follow up with.

For every postcard you sponsor, you only pay $.50!!!

For every postcard you sponsor, you only pay $.50!!! That price point crushes the “$1 per click” you are getting with traditional online advertising, that comes with no guarantee of email opt-in or product purchase. Next, it is your choice to commit to the maximum number of postcards you want to sponsor. We do this in blocks of 500, but you don’t pay unless we send. Example: If we end up only getting say 350 people through your sponsored postcard. You’ll get 350+ impressions along the sales journey, 350 emails, 350 additional impressions on the postcard, and you’d only pay $175 (350*.50).

What’s in it for SnailaPic?

We want to be as transparent as possible. At the $.50 price point, we are not trying to make any money directly off of this promotion. We will use the entirety of the money to print and ship the postcards. Everything leftover from our production cost, will go into advertising and promoting the event. We want new customers to try our service, send something meaningful, and learn about other great companies. We believe in our product enough that these customers will come back and use us in the future.

We will use the entirety of the money to print and ship the postcards.

Sign up to learn more:

If you are still interested and want to learn more, the next step would be to contact us below. We’ll follow up immediately and go over next steps. We can demo to you what each step of the process will look like and how your brand is promoted. Sign up below and let’s get started.