SnailaPic Classic: 3 Photos 3.5″x5.5″


We print 3 photos of 3.5″x5.5″ images. Then we fold, address, stamp and mail to whoever you want.

This SnailaPic is printed on a single sheet of semigloss, card stock. Which means some of your photos will have text, or address information printed on the backside of the paper (none of your photos or messaging will be visible when folded).

To send this snailapic to multiple people:

  • Click and add your recipients to My Addresses
  • Increase the quantity in the options below

Download a preview of this Snailapic to view the layout: 3_35x55Example.pdf

    • Page 1

    • Image for Page 1 of your snailapic
    • Page 2

    • Image for Page 2 of your snailapic
    • Page 3

    • Image for Page 3 of your snailapic
  • Project Settings

    • Include a short message to the recipient that will be printed on the back of your SnailaPic